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Alyson Tyler is a gorgeous six-foot tall brunette pornstar who is undeniably one of the best in the business. She has a very attractive face that may look innocent but really seductive at the same time. Her long brunette locks fall perfectly on top her big round breasts and her body looks very athletic and fit. But describing Alison cannot end without mentioning her perfectly landscaped pussy, with a landing strip taking your eyes straight to her hidden gem. Her tight pussy can take on any cock with pleasure and her body can amuse you in more ways than one.

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Busty brunette babe Alison Tyler is the epitome of perfection. She has the most perfect body any man would dream to caress and a face that looks like an angel. Her tantalizing stare can make any man’s package hard as rock and his mind lustfully ready to take on a sexy and wild ride. But it is her pair of massive hooters that can instantly pull any man’s hands from his pocket to her chest to cup a feel. Her whole body is ready and willing to take the ride, but only if she also gets to play with the perfect driver.

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Sexy pornstar Alison Tyler loves to showcase her hard work and it definitely is her perfectly fit body. The entirety of her career can be seen in how beautifully sculpted her body is, from her big knockers to her flat and fit stomach to her sexy sweet pussy and to her long and lean legs. Her strength also lies in her length, being a six-foot tall woman who can take on any man in a heartbeat. Hidden but never left out is her plump ass that can also be considered a fan favorite. She is an open book when it comes to her body and all men should thank her for it.

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If you can super-size hotness then Alison Tyler will be overflowing with it. She is the whole package – from a really attractive face to a sexy goddess-like body, topped with massive breasts and a landing strip pussy. What more can you ask for? She also loves to seduce by showing off in her red lace lingerie then slowly and sinfully stripping herself down to her birthday suit. She plays with her hair so teasingly as she strips and lets you wait a couple of titillating seconds more before she completely reveals her body right before your very eyes. Ready your rod, cause Alison is ready to please.

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Freckled fresh faced brunette Alison Tyler has many assets aside from her pretty face. She has, for one, those massive hooters atop her chest that she seems to be very fond of. Can’t blame her cause every man is probably on his toes wishing they could get their hands on those luscious breasts too. She overflows with sexiness that there is no doubt she loves to have sex with men who can fulfill her desires and lusts as well, of course. It won’t be long before she takes her cut pink bikini off too, all you got to do is wait and be amazed.

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Alison Tyler is at her best when she is in the nude. She worked hard to upgrade her body and she definitely has the bragging rights to show it off to the world. Those huge breasts are her crown jewels but we cannot forget her sexy pussy hidden between her long and sexy legs. Any man in the right mind would want to spread those legs to get a better view of her before sticking in his cock to fuck her. Alison loves to play in the nude too and a man would be so lucky if she lets him play with her boobs and eventually suck on her nipples or cup a couple of feels while fucking her from behind.

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Alison Tyler may have gotten the flu but it never stopped her from fulfilling her lusts. Armed with an orange dildo, she penetrates her tight pussy, so hot and wet after all the tests she had to undergo in the hospital. Her libido is so high that she wishes a sexy nurse could play or a doctor with a massive cock can come and check on her pussy’s temperature with his hard rod. Anyone who catches her on the move with her dildo would definitely want to join her or at least help her out, good thing her bed is big enough to fit two perverted people. Sex in a hospital is one of Alison’s dirty dreams and she hopes it is yours too.

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Sexy Alison Tyler would take on anyone who wants to play especially if he or she is mighty fine and really good looking. This time she takes on a blonde bombshell friend who is equally gorgeous and with big tits as well. They play like little girls in a preppy pink room but their game is far from the innocent ones. They get naked in an instant and make out with each other, scanning each other’s great body with their hands. Their touch makes them so horny that making out seem incomplete. They just wish there could be a man to get in between them, to come play this horny sex game they are having.

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Alison Tyler’s big boobs are undoubtedly her biggest assets (pun intended). Men’s eyes can go straight to her chest if they meet her then the rest of her body will be scanned right after. She oozes with sexiness that no man could possibly handle in one sitting and a good sexual encounter is most probably the best way to address this hotness. Just one look at her and a man can feel like he’s in heaven, how much more if he gets to touch and feel her gorgeous body and kiss those sexy lips? An experience with Alison is an experience of a lifetime.

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Alison Tyler in action with a man is where you get to see her in her best performances. She can utilize her fit and athletic body to please her man into climaxing that he most definitely would need a second round. She can mount a cock with her tight pussy lips and thrust herself continuously until her man moans in sheer pleasure. She loves to please and would not stop until she satisfies her man and ain’t that what a woman is supposed to do? But Alison knows she will only deliver her best if her man will pleasure her as much as well. Fucking Alison would not be a pain for any man for sure, but an encounter worth repeating till she cums over and over and over again.